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BUPA Region 1

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 1:
(PennDOT District 6-0)

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Gordon Beck
Region 1 LEL
35 Diamond Dr.
Newtown , Pa 18940
Phone: (215) 860-3007
Cell: (215) 219-8575

BUPA Region 2

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 2:
(PennDOT District 8-0)

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Jeff Bowman
Region 2 LEL
405 West Norwegian St
Pottsville, Pa 17901
Phone: (570) 628-2414
Cell: (570) 656-6258

BUPA Region 3

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 3:
Berks-Carbon-Lehigh-Monroe-Northampton-Schuylkill (PennDOT District 5-0)

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Robin Rivera
Region 3 LEL
3987 Lehigh Drive
Northampton, Pa 18067
Cell: (610) 248-5437

BUPA Region 4

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 4:
(PennDOT District 3-0)

Lackawanna-Luzerne-Pike-Susquehanna-Wayne-Wyoming (PennDOT District 4-0)

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John Morgan
Region 4 LEL
405 West Norwegian St
Pottsville, Pa 17901
Phone: (570) 628-2414
Cell: (570) 449-7023

BUPA Region 5

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 5:
(PennDOT District 1-0)

(PennDOT District 2-0)

(PennDOT District 9-0)

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Phil Hoh
Region 5 LEL
643 Center Street
Saint Mary’s, Pa 15857
Cell: 814-594-5466
Fax: 570-628-2419

BUPA Region 6

PennDOT Highway Safety Region 6:
(PennDOT District 10-0)

Allegheny-Beaver- Lawrence
(PennDOT District 11-0)

(PennDOT District 12-0)

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Jim Marsh
Region 6 LEL
295 Millers Run Rd.
Bridgeville, Pa 15017
Phone: 412-221-0244
Cell: 412-334-2107

September 17th - 30th

September 17th - 30th
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2017 Child Passenger Safety Mobilization

2017 Child Passenger Safety Mobilization

“Our Current Focus”

Buckle Up PA is ready to kick off the third Child Passenger Safety Enforcement Mobilization.

September 17-30, 2017

Buckle Up PA (BUPA) will kick of the third Pennsylvania Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Enforcement Mobilization September 17-30, 2017. This mobilization is part of Pennsylvania’s Child Passenger Safety Week, September 17-23, and National Seat Check Saturday, September 23rd.

The goal of the CPS Enforcement Mobilization is to prevent injury and death to children involved in crashes through the use of age-and size-appropriate restraints. The Mobilization will be enforcement driven through increased understanding of Pennsylvania’s OP Laws, improving enforcement strategies, identifying experienced officers to participate and providing education and community awareness.

The selection and funding of LEAs is based on the police agencies having at least one Certified Car Passenger Safety (CPS) Technician or a CPS community partner, currently a BUPA grantee and having demonstrated significant CPS activities in their jurisdiction. BUPA is providing funding based upon the agency’s enforcement plan for this 14-day Mobilization. This Mobilization will fund up to 42 LEA Grantees (approximately 7 from each BUPA Region). BUPA is providing training, materials, resources, funding and technical support for this enforcement project.

Motor vehicle crashes are this Nation’s leading cause of death for children. The most effective strategy for preventing injury and death to children involved in crashes is using age-and size-appropriate restraints. Although 90% of children under 4 years old are restrained properly, only 50% of children 4 to 7 are appropriately restrained in booster seats or child restraints despite booster seat laws in most States and the District of Columbia (NHTSA, 2009). BUPA and TIPP are reaching out to Law Enforcement to make every resource available to stop needless injuries and deaths to our young children.

Child Passenger Safety Earned Media

PSA Recording Child Passenger Safety Earned Media

2017 Child Passenger Safety Earned Media and other information.

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2017 Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Training Schedule

calendar small 2017 Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Training Schedule

Enforcement Resources

important 6 Enforcement Resources

Police department forms, equipment information, etc.

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Educational Programs

Buckle Up Pennsylvania offers three innovative traffic safety Educational Programs [ for K-12 students. If you are interested in being trained as a presenter, please contact Mark Alonge.

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